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Lauren Ciara McCullough

Lauren Ciara McCullough is a recent graduate of the BA Course in Fine art at Ulster University, attaining a First Class Honours. Her practice focuses centrally on painting, however it stems into areas such as drawing, poetry, collage, photography and most recently walking. The sublime is the central motif of McCullough’s practice. A practice of questioning whether it is possible to convey something beyond self and the earthly reality, through image and paint?


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As an image-maker I have a goal of creating transcendental immersive work, which captures something of the monolithic in nature. I have a desire that these compositions will draw in the viewer and yet push out immersing them. My approach is built upon the premise that beauty and sublimity are interconnected and interrelated. My work aims to convey the very being of nature through the presentation of landscape as abstraction. The intention of my practice is to create and articulate imagery; which both evokes the sublime and captures an element of spirituality, capturing the essence of it through mark and paint.


Prior to the MFA I would have identified as a painter but throughout the course I have discovered the many facets of my practice. I’m not limited to painting, but rather I am a collector, walker and image-maker.

My practice, ritualistic in nature, beats to repetitive rhythms. Processes of painting, sketching and daily walking, are now an act of worship.  This time of walking is not just a visual inspiration but also a time of contemplation, battling the larger themes and theories within my practice.  

Symbols are hidden within my imagery, amongst the ‘chaos’ of nature. The work chaotic from afar, when in focus presents as that which is intentional, meticulously placed and designed. This mimics the divine creators hand; landscape can seem wild and untamed, yet carefully considered and intended. There is an element of reveal, of crossing and of transcendence that which draws in and expands simultaneously stimulating contemplation amplifying spatial and sensory awareness.


It is the visual, it is the physical and it is the felt.  It is both concealing and revealing.  Thus exceeding the expectation of the visual through the process of transformation, comprehension and exploration towards that which can be both glorious and chaotic.

Installation photographs by Paul Marshall, Susan Hughes and Lauren McCullough

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