Drydan Wilson

My practice examines how we negotiate space, exploring the politics of space through questions raised by skateboarding and similar subcultural practices. I am interested in the social distortion created through the re-appropriation of landscape and its architecture and how the positioning or use of the body in space can be used to critique social, capitalist and regulatory structures.

Combining my artistic and skateboarding practices I am interested in questioning and challenging the boundaries of what a contemporary art practice can be. I take a multi-disciplinary approach, employing sculpture, text, sound, drawing and video as ways of developing work. Skateboarding from a young age, I naturally use the medium to explore, interact, and think about the world, therefore skateboarding has become the starting point, methodology, and/or subject for much of my work. 

Whether, using materials and forms that reflect skateboarding terrain, replicating camera angles from skate videos, or incorporating skate terminology as text within the work, I aim to make work through isolating and combining various fragments of the subculture to highlight the creative potential, artistic formalities, and affordances of the material to create artworks that evoke a new way of looking and thinking about space and its potential.


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